Condolence & Memory Journal

I had the pleasure of working with Bill at HP from ~90-94 and am honored to call him a friend. He offered insights to all technical challenges we faced. Through example, he inspired me and those around him to first listen deeply to what others are trying to communicate and to be genuine, thoughtful and caring in the response. I remembering him as the one who says the most... with the fewest and most gentle words. I am grateful to have learned and am still inspired by you.

Posted by Steven Hand - Coworker   June 10, 2021

Bill was a long time neighbor and fellow Princetonian who was always up for a deep conversation in everything from mathematics to local events. A walk by either of us in front of the other's house was always good for a satisfying conversation. I will dearly miss Bill's deep thoughts and optimism. Rest In Peace.

Posted by Madalyn Friedman - Burlingame, CA - Neighbor   June 07, 2021

Bill's smile with his eyes crinkling will be the way I will remember him. Always cheerful, with genuine warmth and the ability to add incredible insight into any discussion. The photo taken in 2014 at the reunion is classic Bill in the classroom. Arms folded, listening very carefully before saying anything with a measured choice of words. I will miss him dearly

Posted by G Ravishankar - Denver, CO - Classmate   June 03, 2021

1987 saw a huge influx of new college grads at HP Cupertino and I was fortunate enough to get to know Bill and others and we formed a close knit group of friends. I was also Bill's roommate for a couple of years before he traded up for his soulmate Karen. Bill was a kind hearted, smiling gentleman with a warm personality. He will be missed by all who got to know him. My heartfelt condolences to Karen, Cuyler, Kathryn and family.

Posted by Ajit Mayya - Saratoga, CA - Friend   June 03, 2021

I met Bill through his wife Karen, who I worked with. I'll always remember what an open, approachable, and warm person he was. The ways he touched people will long be felt. The world lost a treasure when it lost Bill. I hope your wonderful memories of him will bring comfort. My deepest condolences.

Posted by Molly Anderson - Alameda, CA - Friend   June 03, 2021

We met in 1992 as first year Sloanies - and I remember Bill as an always smiling, always helpful and always optimistic and positive person - he did not change from those days till the last time I saw him as his condition became more pronounced. I will always remember you Bill and will miss you - Shailesh and family

Posted by Shailesh Shukla - Los Altos, CA - Classmate   June 02, 2021

Bill's smile, warmth, and caring nature will stay with me for the rest of my days. I deeply feel his loss.

Posted by Bill Durham - Palo Alto, CA - Friend   June 02, 2021

Meeting Bill just days after I moved to California, he introduced me the wonders of our golden state. His love of nature and a good conversation will alway remain with me. All of our love and prayers during this difficult time.

Posted by Pam Dickerman - Truckee, CA - Coworker   May 29, 2021

Bill was one of the most loving and kind individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing. He loved his family and took great care of his Mom and Dad. Prayerful thoughts for Karen, Cuyler, Kathryn and his brothers and family.

Posted by Kathy Faenzi - Neighbor   May 24, 2021