Condolence & Memory Journal

I miss seeing him at the produce department checking everything out and also visiting with him about his home town in Italy.

Posted by - Other   July 07, 2021

Met Alfredo through his son Paul while shopping at one of his stores. A very nice man who enjoyed his business. His son Paul is very good businessman and friendly as well. Thanks Paul for the memories on tilton street where u were were just starting your career. Sorry for your loss

Posted by Anthony Decio - Acquaintance   May 09, 2020

Met Alfredo through his son Paul while shopping at one of his stores. A very nice man who enjoyed his business. His son Paul is very good businessman and friendly as well.

Posted by Anthony Decio    May 09, 2020



Condolences to the Lunardi Family.

Posted by Arleen Dunn - San Jose, CA   July 23, 2018

Sono addolorato per la perdita di mio cugino alfredo.sono tanti I ricordi di quando abitava a San Pietro a Vico e di quando poi in Italia con Iren.....grande dolore!

Posted by Lunardi Vincenzo - 55100SanPietro a Vico - Family   July 21, 2018

He was one of the first to believe in my family's tortilla company . He did this by carrying our product in his stores. I remember him setting a few people straight in order to back me up. Lol! Being a young female (back then) in an all male industry. Alfredo was ahead of his time. I'm grateful to have worked with him.

Posted by Marcia Ferrante - Los Gatos, CA   July 19, 2018

Paul, I am so very sorry for your loss. Fredo was a great man who's love for his stores was second to the love he had for his family. Those who were lucky enough to have known him were sure to enjoy his sense of humor and huge heart. I was blessed and am forever thankful to have been a part of your family; memories I will always cherish. May you find comfort in knowing your dad, mom and Ralphie are watching over you and with you everyday. My sincerest condolences, Paul. Love, Denise

Posted by Denise - San Carlos, CA - Friend   July 18, 2018

For years and years
my parents have shopped at
Lunardis. My mom and Dad are of the Italian decent.Especially, My Mom would say such
a handsome man. The Siciliano Sausage is
so good I even came by to enjoy.
Isnt it just how familias operate with a well dress look.Met with a loving, engaging
How are you How can I help. Everytime I shopped.
Its so sad.

Thank You,

Posted by A friend   July 18, 2018

Posted by Michael Signorello - Belmont, CA   July 18, 2018

For 41 years whenever I was in front of my house early in the morning puttering around my flower beds, I would see Mr. Lunardi drive by in his Cadillac and we would exchange a friendly wave. When we were on the same Bocce league I had the pleasure of talking with him, always a gentleman. God speed, Mr. Lunardi I miss your friendly wave.

Posted by Jo Amoroso - San Mateo, CA   July 18, 2018

I don't know you personally. However I was visiting the site to view my nephews obituary when I came across your's. I had to take a moment to let your family know how you impacted my 50 years in the area. You created one of the finest markets that I have ever had the pleasure of shopping at. From the quality of products you sell there, to the employees all being complete class acts. Like keeping the meet dept with butchers there to help and answer questions. The selections are wonderful throughout the whole store. The bakery has my favorite chocolate cream eclair in the world. The small town feeling is very special too! I think this is all as a result of you and your vision for Lunardi's. What a great contribution you gave to our community!

Thank you Mr. Lunardi.

Your family must be sooo proud of you.

A fan of the Lunardi name!

God bless you,
Lara Simmons

p.s. that smile of yours is wonderful too!

Posted by Lara Simmons - Concord, CA   July 17, 2018

For the last 30 years plus I have been a vendor calling on the Lunardi's stores and often doing some work in the stores and there wasn't one time that Alfredo if he was in the store at the same time I was wouldn't come up to me and say hello and thanked me for my help and that has always stayed with me and I will cherish forever. Thank you and may you Rest In Peace! Jim Ahern - Nestle.

Posted by James Ahern - Dublin, CA   July 16, 2018

I have had the privileged to have worked for Alfredo for 31 years. Each morning I started my day with a visit from Alfredo. Many mornings Alfredo shared stories with me about the days when he lived in Italy, such as when he would buy and sell cattle, and he was able to drink wine at the age of 8. These are some of the stories he shared with me. He will truly be missed.

Posted by DON YEE - Burlingame, CA   July 16, 2018

I feel privileged to have know Mr. Lunardi over the years I shopped the Burlingame store and the memories I have as we talked about the Tuscany Italy area which he came from and the wonderful Italian food.

My prayers to Paul for the strength he needs now.

Donna Ludlum,

Little World Travel

Posted by A friend   July 15, 2018

"Simply...the best..." Our condolences to the family. We've loved shopping in the Belmont location and have always felt the pride of presence the store imparts. Richard and Bill

Posted by A friend   July 14, 2018

Our deepest condolences to you Paul.I hope you will remember all the good times you shared with him. It brings to mind so many happy times when our parents would get together and we'd overhear them laughing as they told stories about the good old days in Italy. When Dora would come to visit there was even more non-stop laughter.It was very evident that Alfredo enjoyed life and people. He was always welcoming to all and I know he will be remembered with fondness and missed by everyone who knew him.

Rosanna and Jess

Posted by A friend   July 13, 2018

I'm sorry to read about Mr. Alfredo Lunardi recently passing away. I send my condolences to his family.

Posted by William Harang - San Jose, CA   July 13, 2018

" What a great honor to have been given the opportunity to work for Alfredo! " There are so many great memories, moments, and great milestones he gave me. " It is truly a great loss of a great legacy! "
Thank you Alfredo!
Sincerely, Mark Castro

Posted by Mark Castro - San Jose, CA - coworker   July 13, 2018

My walking partners and I would reach the back entrance to
Lunardis every morning at the same time to see Mr. Luncardi arriving to start his day in the Burlingame store. He was always well dressed, friendly and would say good morning. When we had not seen him for a while we made inquiries about him to learn that his health was not good and that he would stop by when he felt up to it in the afternoon. We were missing the dapper, smiling man we came to know each morning. He is missed. Our condolences to his family.

Holly Borghello, Fran Rohrer, Roseann Ahern, Charleen McLean

Posted by Holly Borghello - Millbrae, CA   July 13, 2018

What a Legacy.
My Fondest memories of Alfredo. Was that of him arriving at the Burlingame Store in the early mornings, in his Cadilac dressed to a T wearing his fedora hat. He would say morning Jack. I would usually see him again around lunch time in our Deli Department, snagging a few pieces of fried chicken before he headed on to another store or on home. I will miss his sweet gentle father smile. I feel honored to have worked for him for 16 years. My thoughts and prayers ride with your love ones. May we all stand and give Alfredo and applause for his lifetime achievement!!

Posted by Jacqueline Morton - Soquel, CA   July 12, 2018

Paul . I am so very sorry for your loss. Your Dad was a very special man who I will always remember. Your Family touched my life in s way I can't forget. May you find the strength to grieve through this loss that is so great to you. My heart is with you and I will be thinking of you and your wonderful Father. I hope now Ralph and Mom are with him. Love Michelle Chester

Posted by Michelle Chester - Charlotte, NC   July 12, 2018

I feel honored to have gotten the chance to work for him for over 18 years. When ever he visited the store he always made me feel like family, not just an employee. He will be missed, thank you for everything Alfredo! Our thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones.

Posted by Mike Cava - Burlingame   July 12, 2018

A huge thank you to Alfredo for the gift of Lunardi's Market that I have had the pleasure to be a part of. Condolences to the family and close friends that were his extended family. We will miss you, but will remember you and all you did every day.

Posted by Perri Hiser - San Jose, CA   July 12, 2018